10:00pm July 3, 2010
  today marks the one year anniversary of the last time i posted something to livejournal.  
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california court rules that hot things are hot   
4:05pm July 2, 2009  
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2 movies recently seen   
9:51am May 31, 2009
  Everything Is Illuminated

Good movie to see if you ever wanted to know what Eugene Hutz looks like without a mustache. Also starring Elijah Wood and his freakishly large neck.


Good movie to see if you enjoyed Labyrinth but thought it would work better as an asian horror movie. Which is more than just replacing David Bowie with a creepy girl with long hair, but they did that too.
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file under small world   
4:35pm May 24, 2009
  Back in the day, there was this shitty dive club called the Berkeley Square. I attended many shows there, mostly ska, and so had many opportunities to enjoy the no ventilation, sweat dripping from the 8 foot high ceiling, surly bouncer charm of the place. Then one day I found out it had been shut down, never to open again. Just recently I was told the the most likely reason they closed is because the owners ran out of money after Crash Worship set the place on fire.  
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this is my fucking town   
9:10pm April 20, 2009  
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4:35pm April 10, 2009
  officially accepted to UC, still unclear on how long I will actually be there, but I am now that much closer.  
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ask for it this easter   
6:57pm April 8, 2009

if they don't buy you one they probably don't really love you.
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4:32pm April 1, 2009
  Wandered into the local bookstore today, purchased a few good reads. Over by the checkout counter (next to the Twilight section) was The Complete Piss Clear Collection. or whatever its called. Not actually sure what to say about that. Except maybe "13 years? I'm old!"

Spent today running all over the UC campus. I'm pleased to say that I've been readmitted, or maybe I haven't yet, depending on who I talk to, and whether the various departments have received the proper forms, and if they were stamped or not. Also, that year of biochemistry you did may not count because I'm only the head of my department and I can't make that kind of decision, you should talk to one of the professors. No, they're not on campus this month. Adding a minor? That's wonderful, unfortunately we're changing all of the minors so we can't actually give you any information until some time during the summer, try calling us then.

Sorry about that. It's been a frustrating day.
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crawl in, crawl out   
7:28am March 26, 2009
  JWZ posted this a few days ago:

if you can't figure it out from the text of the link, its a review of a great many number of sxsw band mp3s, with reviews of each of them. I'm hoping sometime over the next two weeks I'll be able to actually listen to them, but that's not the point here. This entry was partway down:

947 3:22 The Proclaimers Edinburgh, UK-SCOTLAND Life With You “500 Miles” was twenty years ago.

which is funny and frightening on its own, but it was also discovered that this review has the Snow Crash-like ability to get the song stuck in your head just from reading the above sentence. Enjoy.
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2 in 1 week   
9:07pm March 11, 2009
  things that made me smile today:


2)A friend at school invited me to his weekly movie watching/circuitry study session. I'm not taking the class, but I was assured it was more movies and not so much studying. Anyway, he refers to it as a circuit party, so now I'm obliged to go.
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11:19am December 17, 2008
  Assuming I did well, I will never need to take a math class ever again. Which is good. However, the real moment of victory was discovering that my teacher is in fact older than me.  
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Things I discovered this weekend   
12:19am October 22, 2008

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old news   
3:21pm July 29, 2008
  Grumpy Old Man says: "Back in my day, Scarlett Johansson wouldn't try to make a Tom Waits album."  
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chocolate chip bacon cookies   
11:47am July 9, 2008

Knowledge of this sort must be used with caution, as it can be a great force for either good or evil.
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4th summary   
11:10am July 7, 2008
  Just returned from San Diego. Overall a nice trip, Dad stayed clothed for almost the whole time, until of course an hour before we were leaving, when Chantal has an unfortunate encounter. Dinner was Deep fried turkey and drunk chicken, and in the morning we had spray pancakes. I got to see a woman feed her child a stick of butter, "He needs to try things otherwise he won't learn its bad for him.", and some corporate guy try to strangle someone because he got pushed into the pool,"Do you know who I am?!". There was also someone drinking a bucket of scotch.

All in all, was nice to get away from home, and not have to worry about the smoke inhalation. Perhaps more trips will be make this summer.
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question of the day   
2:16pm July 3, 2008
  If you buy a subhumans shirt at hot topic, does it count? But where does one buy a subhumans shirt? Is it just supposed to appear on you after living on the streets for a long enough time?  
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stealing plus   
1:04pm May 28, 2008
  The stars are aligned. A few days ago we were sitting around trying to out 80's each other, and I like to think I won because I was able to bust out with Moonwalker, which I have to admit was one of my favorite movies as a wee lad. And then lo and behold, Bacon posts this:

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slice of life   
12:57am May 23, 2008
  Calculus III, take home test, question 4:

The integral of e^(-x^2) cannot be evaluated. Evaluate the integral of e^(-x^2).

My teacher is a spiteful man.
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comments blocked unless you tell me how awesome i am   
8:24pm May 6, 2008

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stealing and passing on   
5:54pm April 28, 2008
  from staysonpaper, because this made my day
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